I am Henna Partanen, a 41-year-old architect and a City Councillor for the Green Party (2013–2025). In municipal politics I have worked towards a livelier city, increased biodiversity, climate action with an impact and improvements to the status of our most vulnerable residents.

I serve as the first Vice-Chair of the Espoo City Board and as the Chair of the City Board’s Premises and Housing Subcommittee. In the last county elections, I was elected as a member of the Western Uusimaa County Council, where I have had the honour of acting as the Chair of our Green group and the Vice-Chair of the County Council Advisory Board. I am also a member of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

At national level, I am a deputy member of the Green Party Executive Committee.

In my free time, my hobbies include the theatre and creating collage art.